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The JSW Law student body is, by design, quite small and quite selective. Only about 25 students are admitted each year, and no self-funded students are accepted. Admitted students pay no tuition.

There are no “day students” or “commuter students” at JSW Law. All students are boarders, living on the same facilities in Taba, Thimphu, where they study. There is a school cafeteria on campus, as well as a library, and a student recreation room.

Students study five modules per semester. For first year students, classes run from 8:30am to 1:00pm, with the afternoons reserved for study, enrichment activities, and scheduled and unscheduled recreation.

The law school is less than one year old; therefore, most of the student clubs and interest groups that you might see at other colleges have not yet been established. We count on our first cohorts of students to establish these clubs and, thereby, enrich the entire community. Our first class of students have already established a thriving student government, a Scouting unit, several volunteer activities, and numerous religious and cultural activities.